Nothing more, nothing less...

We once went on a long trip and all we had was R100. I think it was about a 1000km round trip. We only had this One note. And it wasn’t that much, but we left anyway. Every stop, without mentioning or hinting about our need to family or friends, God provided. Either someone gave us money out of the blue or filled our tank with fuel. We had a strong tail wind for quite some time - it felt like the Hand of God gently pushing us along the back roads. When we arrived home again we opened the wallet and found we had exactly R100 left. Nothing more, nothing less.

I was reminded of this story tonight as tears just spilled out uncontrollable. I am worried. I feel extremely sad. I don’t know what the future holds. Just like on that journey. We had to go. We did not share our need except to God, He cared and provided in creative ways for us to complete that journey. We didn’t know how it would go. And to complicate matters, we had our first born - a small baby at that time - to think of too! But God came through. 

If I look back at this year it feels a lot like that journey. I do not know nor can I say how we got through this year, except by God’s grace. We started with only a little bit of strength and ended with only a little bit! But He kept us going. At times my energy ran out and on that day friends brought supper. Another time Alfred fell and I needed help and the Neighbour happened to come back home just at the right time. How do i get through the days when i have to wake up every hour during the night? Grace. Nothing more, nothing less.

Other times it was smooth sailing, kind of like a nice strong tail wind to help us along. At times we just had to walk blindly in faith. But here we are, still going. Still with only a little bit of strength. Like that R100 note - it wasn’t how much we had, but how much God had. We started and ended with the same amount but God filled the gaps. And here we are. 

By God’s Grace. Nothing more, nothing less.



  1. Thank you Belinda. This really encouraged me and was a word in season for me. I am battling for a disability pension and this was a timely reminder that the Lord goes before me. Your faith and lessons learned through your darkest hour
    Brings streams of refreshing 💖


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