Coffee along the way

Coffee along the way
Coffee along the way

November 25, 2010

(Un)scented candle....

I bought these very pretty and wonderful smelling candles a few months back to bring to the bush to enjoy......only to find out that after 5 months they were now just  candles - no scent what-so-ever!  So much for that!  But it got me thinking......always dangerous, i know!

Lately i have felt exactly like this candle - from the distance everything looks good and seems fine, just like the candle - there it said on the side "Rose Garden Scented Candle".  But when i struck the match and waited for the nice smell to fill the air, there was only sulphur from the flavour of any kind of rose!

I have lost my flavour - maybe culture stress is part to blame, maybe the last few weeks after a looong year, or maybe it is because i have lost faith that God actually still remembers that i am here?  Just like this province we live in, not named The Forgotten Province for nothing, or the people of my village, also quite forgotten by all, and then there is me - forgotten too?

I asked the Lord what He thought about of all these thoughts and He took me to Exodus......

The Israelites are complaining to Moses - "Why did God bring us here?  Was it so only so that we can die in this (forsaken) place??"  Quite close to home, i thought!  Yikes!  Yes, this was me too!  And meantime God has The Promised Land in mind and not the desert!

Forgive me, Lord!  Help me see your plan and keep on following You, not by sight but by faith and then i will be a sweet smelling fragrance to You again!

November 19, 2010

An itchi business.....

And so, there i was sitting in the bathroom (because there is a strong enough light to read by) trying to make out what the "Where there is no doctor" was saying at 12 midnight and not making any headway......

I was not feeling very well the past couple of days, but was shocked when i woke up in the middle of the night with lots and lots of itching hives on my back and sides!  Yikes!  What was wrong with me??  I was itching like crazy, of that at least, i was sure.  Now what?  I had a few options - 1) I could just go back to bed and sleep it off, or 2) I could wake up my husband and tell him how to administer some adrenaline just in case, but then i remembered the old stuff had expired and the new stuff hadn't arrived yet and so this wasn't really an option, or 3) I could wake him up and ask him to calm me down enough to sleep it, I went for option 3 and survived to tell the tale!

I tried to remember what i ate the previous day, and the only two things that came to mind was - wild honey (which was quite good) and Pringles (and i decided that IF it WAS the Pringles, i'll just bear the hives in future), but when i dressed and was searching for the ever present skirt, i remembered that we couldn't find our usual washing power and had to use Omo instead - so i dressed carefully in only-omo-washed-clothes and waited for the experiment to kick off!  And boy, did it kick off all right!!  By one i was itching like crazy and in all the right places where the Omo-clothes were touching my skin!!  One point for the bush doctor!!  Yeah!

And so, we will hunt for our old washing powder - Klin - and, although they can't spell, at least they get the kloz klin without the ITCH!!