Coffee along the way

Coffee along the way
Coffee along the way

March 05, 2013

The Bible Blues

Can the Bible depress one?  I ask this respectfully.  Well, i am not sure about anyone else, but i sure feel depressed this morning after reading some passages in the Old Testament!

Jeremiah for one was not a happy prophet - nobody really listened to him, even though he told them exactly what would happen if they did not listen and then it actually happeneded!  He was even taken away with these stubborn people!

I was also reading about some of Judah's kings -  how did they manage to turn so far away from a Living, Loving Father!  And then, to what did they turn?  Idols made of silver, gold or wood, depending on your savings?  Child sacrifice, sun and star worship!!  Who made the stars, the sun and all in this earth?

Well, it is one thing to read about what they did a few thousand years ago, but what about today?  How many nations who has brought the Gospel out to Africa, China and small obscure Pacific Islands have not gone astray them selves??    Churches turned into pubs, or worse to atheist "services" where they sing songa and follow a kind of church lithurgy but not about God at all!!  I ask you!! 

How God's heart must break daily.  And i guess it does make me wonder what is the use of staying out here in the middle of nowhere, being lonely, far from medical help or fellowship.  Will the Gospel be accepted?  Will they turn to God, will they turn away after a few years - as many have done?

I don't know, but what i do know know is that i have to be here and do what God has called me to do.  Even if it looks very bleak and the people set in their ways.  Even if in my own country i see the church move away from God ever so little every time i go back "home".  And so i guess, i pray harder!  That God's people will stay true to Him.  Will heed His warnings in their lives and follow Him with al their heart.  Jeremiah didn't stop talking.  He kept on hoping the people will listen and turn from their wicked ways.  He stayed true to God until the end.

All i can say is "As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord" and then pray that He will help us in doing just that!!

Bella, humbled by a humble prophet

March 04, 2013

Talking...or not!

Most of the moms here are very young and most only speak Y, so my instructions are limited and cryptic at times.  But today I had my chance!  A young mother, who has now come 3 times for the same problem spoke Portuguese!  I asked her if the child took the medicine I gave and she said….no.  This child, only one year old, refused and the mom just let it pass.  I rarely show any emotion as the people come here for help.   

They don’t show emotion, so i try not too either.  If they have a thorn a mile thick in their feet, they just sit there while I try and coax it out, without even a whimper.
But not today!  I was really cross!  How could she just let the little one get away with this refusing-my-medicine-business and let the child slowly fade away?  I showed my crossness, but only for a moment and then went into the house to get something else that the little one might take in.  I mean a week’s diarrhea is nothing to take lightly!!  So I walked away taking deep breaths and thinking of what to say when I came back….

Since she rejected my previous attempts of foodstuffs and meds i decided on a new tactic - I found some small packets of chips in my cupboard and thought, that at least she will eat this yummy stuff (salt!), also some sugar to mix in with some maize and as she was still feeding she should be ok…..As I came out, I had my speech ready and, in the national language! I really could go for it!  So off I went…..seriously lecturing her but a few words into my speech I took a breath and then she swa her gap and said…Ok. bye.  Just like that!  And off she went, happy to be free of the wild crazy talking white women!  I was speechless.  So I shut my open mouth and attended to the next sick person in silence…

Bella, to talk or not to talk?  And does anyone listen?