Coffee along the way

Coffee along the way
Coffee along the way

May 15, 2014

Invisible jars in plain sight

We do our own housework and so the boys all get a turn each day to do the dishes.  But the funny thing is all three of them are kind of blind when it comes to certain things to wash.  For example they have no problems with knives, forks, plates or cups.  Even pans and pots are done, but empty bottles of tomato sauce or empty mayonnaise jars are all invisible to them.  I see them, but not the boys.  Invisible jars in plain sight.

It made me wonder if i might have some sins in my life that i just do not see or even worse, choose not to see?  Probably!!  And as i stand at the zink and wash the empty jars and bottles i think upon these things.  What has God showed me lately?  What am i ignoring, becasue it just might get uncomfortable if i start to acknowledge these things?  Do i listen when someone shares something i do or don't do, or do i choose to say - later, maybe or someone else will do it, or it's not my problem, you deal with it?

How many times do i choose to continue on, even if i know i need to deal with something?  I guess that will always be the struggle here on earth, but the point is that it should be a struggle and not a shrug-of-the-shoulders-kind-of-life! 

Another complication is if you leave the empty jars and bottles for some time they also tend to start giving off a bad smell.  Now it is not only the fact that the bottle is not seen and cleaned, but now it is spreading it's nasty smell through the house.....through life.

And so when i see those "invisble" things that were left after the washing up was done it reminds me to get down to business and ask God to help me with those sins i either refuse to deal with or those i don't want to see or cannot see and then let Him cleanse me and fill me with nice fresh water - all sparkling clean!

Bella, the back-up washer women

Worry and money....

It was getting closer to that time of year…Ordering of The School Books.  For 3 kids.  And to top it all off, I had ordered some Math books as well for the next 2 years AND I had enrolled our eldest son in an online course for science and the payment of that was due soon.  So I did what I always do – start thinking of selling things?  No, of course not, I just started praying and asking my Father to send the money at the right time. 

Well, ok I must admit it did think a little bit of what do I have to sell….in any case, I didn’t sell anything but just decided that if God was trustworthy for grade 1 to 9, I guess He is trustworthy for grades 10-12 and even beyond that, in terms of education.

Good news arrived on Monday, saying that we had actually double the amount we thought we had in our one account!  “Wow”, I thought, “that was quick!”!  This was great news!  Now I can order the books, pay the online school and not even worry about our short holiday over Christmas (yes it is only May now, I know!)

So yesterday I opened up our school’s website and just wanted to start planning when I happened to check emails first.  A very short little email shattered my hopes of ordering anything!  This is what it said:  “Sorry, I mixed up your account with another family’s account, and you have only this amount that you already spent on your workpermits…..”  So much for that.

At first I was really upset.  “Now what?”, I kept thinking.  And also, “Hmm and there I was not worrying about the books or the course or the holiday break in December!”  And then it hit me…why was I not worrying anymore?  Did the security (?) of money in the bank stop me from worrying?  If so then it is quite pathetic!  Isn’t God always faithful?  Haven’t we ordered books for 10 years now, and always on time?   

Did God stop caring because we didn’t have the money when I thought we did?
Of course God is faithful!  And He does care and know exactly what is going on in my life but He did test my heart to see what was (is) in it – and in it is worry.  Worry about what we will wear, eat and study…..

So I am kind of glad that we don’t have all that money and that I can just give it all to Him again and keep on trusting God, who called us here and who is always, always faithful.  I am looking forward to see how He is going to do it because I know it is just a matter of time, His Time.  And I can stop worrying.  J

Bella, not wanting to be a worrier but rather a warrior for God!