Coffee along the way

Coffee along the way
Coffee along the way

June 01, 2016


This morning i was visiting a friend at her, not only new job but also newly build hospital, when I was reminded of The Wonder. As we walked down one corridor a newborn baby emerged accompanied by an ecstatic new dad. He had that shine of Wonder on his face. Yes, his hair did stick up in all directions and he looked like he had been in the same clothes for about 36 h but he shone! And it reminded me to never loose The Wonder!

At times life gets just so, well a lot of things really, but with not muchmWonder in it. There is boring, there is stale, there is much of the same thing, there is difficult, there is hard and sad and mostly Wonder flies out of the frame. Much, much too easily.

I walked down sparkling new hospital corridors, clean windows and saw a newborn with his wonder filled dad and i was  touched by this Wonder. God in the Whisper. God in the Wonder.

I see it when i bring a cup of coffee to my son, i see it when the sun shines just right and makes a rainbow, I see it in a smile, in a tear even sometimes. The thing is, i need to go through life with both eyes open! 

So often i choose not to look for it and even if it stares me right in the face i still do not see. Selfishness or just being absorbed with daily life clutters my mind and closes my eyes and heart to Wonder. I have to choose to see God and His Wonder every day.

Soon there will be very little of clean and neat shops or buildings and a dust filled town will loom all to big before my eyes. There will be loneliness and isolation, far off times without good friends and fellowship but will i choose to still look for and sometimes even hunt for The Wonder? I hope so!

I am reminded of a song by Leeland  called Wonder. In it they sing of Awe and Wonder at Jesus' ultimate sacrifice - "I am afraid for no-one's ever sacrificed and loved me this way, so on my face i fall under Your heavy grace, Here i lay in awe and wonder"

That is where it starts and it just ripples out from there this Wonder! I don't want to be stuck in the "normal" day to day without this! I want to live with this constant reminder of Wonder - a Wonder that reaches deep and tells of an amazing love.

Bella, in Awe and Wonder