Coffee along the way

Coffee along the way
Coffee along the way

November 15, 2015

The Heart of a Father...

I was sitting on the beach enjoying the beautiful waves, golden sand and my 3 boys swimming in the sea. Minding my own business. Along came a mother with a very young child. You could see the little one just mastered the art of walking. The little one toddled up to the waves and it washed over her. I thought the mom would panic and rush to her aid,but no, she laughed and reached down lazily pulling the drenched child from the water by one arm. The spluttering child just managed to catch her breath before the next wave hit her!

I was quite shocked. The two of them continued to stand in the waves with each wave crashing down on the baby, each time she was totally drenched and then being dragged back up by the mother. At one time she actually held the small one's hand but in such a manner that she was now washed off her feet and then dragged back through and up the receding wave....not helping at all. And to top it all the mom was laughing at her dumb child in a very mocking way....

And it made me think of life and hardships and how i see God's involvement in my life...

At first i thought when i looked at this mother and child that that is how God is with me. I was feeling that life was a bit like waves near drowning me and me barely getting time to come up for air! with He is there and He is holding my hand but the waves are crashing down on me. I am being dragged back up for air again and again. But it is really not pleasant. It is tiring and terrifying! Just like the little baby girl on the beach, i am unsure of what is going to happen next! Will the wave drag me away form the Grip? Will the Hand holding me dislocate my shoulder? Will i get a warm and dry towel somewhere or is it Grin and Bear it for the rest of my life?

But then i looked back to my 3 boys laughing and enjoying the huge waves! Jumping in and out, boogy boards making them fly through the perfect surf! And i felt God, the Ultimate Father (and Mother) say. NO!! I am not like the mother you see there. 

"Look at your boys...they are having the time of their lives in those waves because of how you as parents made them love the water, made them used to the sea in a non-terrifying way. In a loving way. You sit on the beach and keep an eye on them ready to rescue them if they need you. Close by. But it took years to reach this point. I am not the type of Father to throw you in the deep end and stand there laughing at your inadequacies! I help you, train you, teach you in a loving and kind way. 
I want you to succeed and above all i want you to love and trust Me more and more."

I relaxed my tense hands and looked at my laughing children. No Fear there, just fun! And i relaxed in the Loving arms of my Father, no fear there. 

Bella, replacing lies with Truth.