Coffee along the way

Coffee along the way
Coffee along the way

March 19, 2015

Bugs and stuff…

The thing with parasites is that you can be happy on your way and be in total and blissful ignorance, spreading germs as you go.  And then when you suspect it the least you get really sick or itchy or rashy or whatever.  And you are totally taken by surprise even if you know you live among many who rarely go the dr if they itch or rash or well, so on….And that was us.

When we left to come out on a very different medical mission we did not know that we would be kept busy with this mysterious bumpy-ithcy-ness and that it would slowly spread while we happily travel by car for 3 full days…speak about close quarters and happy bugs with new hunting grounds!

You know you have something weird when the dr says “If you find out what is wrong, let me know so I can also learn something!”  Okaaayyyy…. Notice the IF and not the When. 

But in all this the Lord is even closer, yes, even closer than a mite and much more Mightier than any of these pesky mites!!  We found a dr who helped us start our Autumn Cleaning Spree and I must give it to him, he even shook hands in parting and only Then disinfected his hands.  J  Brave Man.  Who knew what Else we might harbour in our many layers of skin?

At least the other stuff we do have in our systems is not infectious, phew thank goodness for that!  But we still need to get rid of Those bugs – next week methinx!  Scary!
In any way, I saw this nice picture on Open Door’s page and it said “God said GO and not Come Back”  At first quite upsetting and sobering, in the setting where we live and work, but on second thought, there are no guarantees.  Only promises that God will go before us, that He is our Rear-guard, that He is above us and underneath us and IN us!!  J  

So in spite of an infestation of sorts, we can know He is with us.  Even if we had to buy things we do not want or need really – but really need now, like bedding and stuff, even though we have spent our money on soaps and lotions and would rather have used it for something nicer – or spent our time having fun and not going from dr to pharmacy to dr to …you get the point!  He is still in control!  In control of the money. In control of getting an answer, and in control of getting rid of the pesky pests.

All in All, I am glad it happened here and that we could resolve it so quickly.  Especially since we got it there and not here.  And in the end I still need to Trust my Father even in my passport country – some days esp in my passport country!!

And so, after a next round of medication we should all be quite clean form the inside out and from the outside in!  And all smiling again!

Bella, mother of bugs and kids.