Coffee along the way

Coffee along the way
Coffee along the way

July 12, 2012


What defines you?  Some people on meeting you for the first time ask quickly “So what do you do?”  Doing defines them.  The Job.

Or what about looks?  Does Grey hair get you down like me?  It might get me down, but does it mean I am not me anymore just because I have grey hair?  Of course not!  What would Orange hair say??  Or the clothes you wear or whether you are thin or fat, short or tall, muscular or..flabby.  In some The Look defines.

Or how much you earn or have in the bank.  The car you drive, the house you have, the number and size of your TV screen(s).  The Possessions can define.
I kind of had a really good thing going a few years back – I had The Job, Looks was OKish, more than happy in what I earned, etc.  But one great thing was missing.  I didn’t have Jesus in my life.  And actually I had nothing that really defined me! 

Did you notice – all these things that the world uses to define itself can be taken away in a moment!?  You can lose your job, your house, car, income.  You can lose your looks due to health issues or an accident – and then what?  Well, you fall apart, because you are a nothing actually.  A nothing, that is, in your and the worlds eyes.  But never in God’s eyes.

In God’s eyes we are defined by His love for us.  I belong to Him.  I am His.  That is what ultimately defines me.  No-one can take that away.  I am defined by Jesus living in me.  No-one can take me away from Him.  I am a daughter of the Most High.  I am redeemed, summoned by name, I am His. 

Down here on earth I may not look like much in others eyes.  They might expect the least of me – a mother and teacher of my boys, at times a housewife (depending on the state of the house!!)  :) , a general helping hand - not someone who is defined by any form of greatness….just little ol’ me.

Mother Teresa once said – the work we do is not at all important, it is that we act in obedience to Him.  And so, even if my work, my looks and my possessions doesn’t add up to much, I know I am obedient to my King and in the right spot.  Let me keep this perspective Lord, as I lose it so easily when I am looked at and found wanting in the eyes of the world (and sadly sometimes even in the eyes of some believers).   

I am Yours and that defines me.

Bella, by definition God’s child.

July 06, 2012

Break our hearts with what breaks Yours....

These are such easy words to say and sing and even think, but actually kind of dangerous.  God takes every thought we have seriously and if we say/sing something He takes us up on it!

Sometimes i wish i could just wrap the hurting world  in a nice warm blanket, give a cup of tea and make it all right again.  But i can't. 

Last night a lady in our village was attacked by her husband - in the face.  In her eye actually, with a gaping wound and puffed-up eye to prove it.  I am sure that my Father's heart was broken at the sight of her......and mine too.  A clean wound, nicely "stitched-up" is all fine, but she needs so much more, she needs love, God's love and to know that He loves her..........and that His heart breaks for her.

This past week either a crazy guy or a jealous malicious person set fire to 7-8 families harvested maize....a whole year's food gone.  There is no back-up plan here.  There is no more rain until December.  My Father's heart is aching for the people, but they pray to their dead ancestors, they bend their knees on the cold floor of the heart is broken. 

But i am not God, i have only a small heart!  How will i be able to take it? my heart cries out.  Then i see Jesus!  What a man!  What a God!  He looks at the crowds and even though He is tired and dusty and in need of rest, His heart was filled with compassion.  He wept at other times.  He was filled with righteous anger at what the leaders did to the temple!  He lived fully, experiencing heartache every day, because He knew that there is more, so much more from God for each of His people and they miss it, or mess it up. 

But how did He keep it up?  (Well, of course, He is God) but still, what did Jesus do?  No Me-Timeout, No self help books read in spare time, no.  He made Time to spend with the Father, to be filed again and again.  And so must i.  Fill me with Your love and Hope and Joy!

Bella, heartbroken but Hopeful.