Coffee along the way

Coffee along the way
Coffee along the way

July 10, 2017


We are leaving our village soon for good. And I bet, to all those who were against us preaching and teaching God’s Word here, it looks pretty good. Maybe they even think all those curses over all the years have eventually kicked in. Maybe they think they have won. No more opposition. No more us, no more followers of Jesus.

Sometimes, from our small perspective things look bleak. It looks like the enemy is having the upper hand. I remember the tempest we had on the day Alfred taught on the death and crucifixion of Jesus. I remember when we had to fly our son out to South Africa as he nearly succumbed from malaria. I remember so many things where it seemed that God was not the stronger.

But this is not the truth. Through it all He showed us His love, His care and His plan. To us things looked dark, but God’s light was already shining through! The storm passed, the Truth was proclaimed and people believed!

When Jesus died on the cross I suspect his enemies had a feast and celebrated through the night! To them it looked pretty good. No more pesky Teacher, no more beloved Rabbi, no more miracles and wonders, no more Jesus. They thought they had won and it sure looked like it. But they were wrong. They were seriously wrong. That was God the Father’s finest move. Jesus died but rose again. Defeating death for ever! In what looked like total defeat it actually spelled out total Victory. The upside-down way of God surprises us so many times! He has overcome!

In that moment where it looked to the believers as the darkest hour, God’s light had already began to shine brilliantly. Little did His enemies know what was in store for them and the world!

Yes, to us this time does seem dark, but really who are we to question God’s perfect plan? We can only trust and know without a doubt that He will work everything for our good because we believe in Him and have been called according to His name. That is how we are leaving here. Not in defeat. Not cursed and made to leave. We are going because God said it is time. Besides we leave behind our fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus – God’s light here in Y-land is already shining bright through them! Hallelujah! God reigns.Never lose Hope. Never.

Isa 14:27  For the LORD Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him?

 Bella, safe in God.

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  1. Awesome statement of truth. Yes, maybe it is time for the indigenous leaders to rise up and shine without them being in your shadow, reliant upon you guys. God shall surely have His way in the end. Kev and I join you in prayer for God's purposes to continue to be worked out in the mission to that village. God surely is answering all the prayers that His kingdom come and His will be done...